Our Services

Full Music Production

It’s our goal to help your work sound its best. Our producers work with you to bring out the best in ‘your sound’. Producers provide creative guidance bringing ideas and concepts to the table along with advice on how to make the record more attractive in today’s market. A producer will also be able to interpret ‘that sound’ you’re after in the recording process. They even help manage your project and keep it to a budget.

Recording & Mixing

Peak Studios is fully equipped to facilitate everybody from major label artists, to independent singer songwriters, to corporate clients. Productions include albums, EP’s and singles, for commercial release or high quality demos. We welcome every genre of music and every level of production.


We work very closely with composers and songwriters with great track records. We can provide you with song development, original song composition; string arrangements and beat compositions.

Voice Over Production

Our facilities are perfect for achieving an outstanding voice-over production. We use high end pre-ams and microphones and our spacious rooms are acoustically treated to ensure dry, crystal clear broadcast quality recordings. Our facilities boast Audio/Video Conferencing capabilities so voice actors can be directed over the internet throughout the recording process.

We’ve worked for many major producers and even have a few bestseller under our belt. We’d love to work on your next project!

We record, edit and mix Voice overs for:
Telephone and IVR
Video Games

Studio Technique Training

We are now providing one to one sessions and group sessions for those seeking hands on training from those who know how.

Introduction to a basic studio setup
Micing techniques
Editing techniques
Introduction to ProTools
Advanced ProTools
Sit-in Mixing Sessions